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I recently had a prospective client send me an email regarding our courses. His questions were completely valid, and I wanted to share with you both his questions and my response.

Dear Damien,

I’ve been interested in doing your course for a while, and was in fact saving up for the last month to sign up to your up coming program. Recently, I mentioned to a few guys who I head out with regularly that I was thinking of signing up with you and they told me that I should consider simply working hard at my game on my own and that if I put in enough practice and did some theory reading online that I could find lots of information at my disposal for free.

They also expressed concerns that they thought your course appeared to be on the pricey side. I hope you understand why I’m sending you this email, I just don’t want to feel like I’m throwing money down the drain or that I’m being taken advantage of financially.


Hi Client,
I’m glad you asked those questions, I think it’s important that before you spend money anywhere that you should have no doubts left in your mind.

Learned attraction is a particular ‘niche’ within an overarching self-help industry such as business coaching and life coaching. These Industries have well proven and respected backgrounds. I’d like to briefly look at a few of these, because the same ‘I could do this all on my own’ argument applies to them as well.

Personal Trainer: Information on body building is everywhere, it’s easy to find for free, and some men go to gym, join body buidling forums (which are hugely supportive environments too), and with the required determination can get results themselves without help. Yet despite this, many men swear by their personal trainer.

Business Coaching: Business books and business forums are too easy to come by, yet business mentorship programs (very very $$$) are known to be hugely successful, even among the already financially elite.

Life Coaching: An Anthony Robbins book is sure cheaper than going to see an NLP practitioner, or other Life Coach. There’s nothing they can teach you that you couldn’t research yourself or get support from a self-help forum. Yet experts like Anthony Robbins are employed by some of the most savvy and successful people in the world.

The list could go on. The latter two often easily end up costing far more than attraction coaching.

The reason for the value that is inherent in coaching is that most people don’t have the time or the mental energy or the experience to first sit down and read all the material out there, so that they can make an informed decision on what is good quality pickup information and what is bad quality pickup information. Ask any man who has gone from bad results to great results with women how much reading they did and pain-staking trial and error they went through to get to where they are now? Due to it’s being relatively young, more than any other industry unfortunately, the pick up industry is filled with 90% BAD information and only 10% GREAT information. That’s damn hard for a guy to sort through with limited time and resources.

Many people also concede that they won’t have the motivation to push themselves to become successful with this pickup stuff because it’s really HARD sometimes to push through rejections and bad self-image and see the forest through the trees. OR they are frustrated with not being able to motivate themselves enough.

YES you can do it alone without paid coaching, and some guys will (I did). I wouldn’t do it the hard way again if I could find someone reputable, as it took me years and years to learn the lessons I learned through trial and error. Human nature being what it is however means that without external assistance most guys will lose momentum too quickly.

A coach fills those gaps, and gives a student momentum while providing a steady stream of good quality feedback, which is based on experience and filtered research that takes many years to develop. When the coaching takes place over a long period of time, it allows the student to develop very high quality habits that are hard to lose even long after coaching has finished.

To answer the question of being ‘overpriced’. Sex is one of the biggest male needs, it is a driving and influencing factor in EVERY facet of life whether we like it or not. Love and connectedness to women is a huge part of this as well. If I could release an intravenous drug tomorrow that was FDA approved to be safe and effective that made men ‘successful with women’ I could sell it for $30k a person, and men would be mortgaging their kidneys to buy it. It’s not based on a fake dream (except in the case of deceptive marketing on the part of certain coaching companies), it’s based on the fact that the underlying need is MASSIVE in men. I watch men become confident in themselves, and from the start of the course to the end, they are walking differently, talking differently, dressing differently, they have confidence and belief in themselves, they hold themselves in much higher regard, friends and work colleagues see a huge shift in their demeanor.

One thing I can guarantee men over the 12 weeks is that they will make a shift from ‘scared and apprehensive to approach women’ to a completely different mindset of ‘anxious and annoyed’ at the thought of NOT approaching women. They’re mindset shifts to one of being a man who always approaches and pushes his boundaries rather than of one who holds back. Mindsets take lots of repetition over time to instil, that’s why the program runs so long. I know for a lot of men, such a promise alone is worth $3500. Let alone the other habits they are getting regarding consistently assessing their progress and having the tools to continue getting better, knowing how to self-motivate, practical guidance, and all the filtered pickup theory provided.

To be honest, I think there are many coaching companies that are charging much more than the quality of their work suggests they should, however I also think there are many companies in the world that are charging much less than they could. A good coach in any area of life can be worth his weight in gold and more to a student.

I get a lot of students who have been to courses all over the world and many complain about money wasted, however there are some students who give me reports about some companies who are really worth much more than they charged. These are students who did the courses months or years ago. It’s always the same companies that are complained about and always the same companies that are commended. Commended companies are always explained as being ‘amazing value for money’ despite the high price tag.

Is $3500 really a lot to pay to be confident and successful with women? I would have gladly paid double 9 years ago when I was struggling to get results.

Kind Regards,
Damien D

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7 Body Language Hacks Science Proves Make You More Attractive To Women

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