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Social Coach and School of Attraction are the two longest running dating coaching companies in Sydney both successfully operating for over a decade.

Social Coach was founded by James Maclane, while School of Attraction was founded by Damien Diecke.

Undoubtedly both schools have built a reputation for themselves, they target the same demographic of men (most clients are in their 30s), and they promise similar outcomes, but their training approach is very different.

In this comparison, I’ve made it easy for you to have a look at what those differences are so you can easily choose the company that offers you the best set of options and features for you.

Course Duration

Social Coach: 3.5 Days – School Of Attraction: 3 Months

Social Coach has focussed on creating super dense courses that run full day training sessions over 3.5 days. These courses can be ideal for men who don’t have a lot of free time to dedicate to learning to attract women, and want to learn as much as humanly possible in a short period of time.

At School of Attraction, we don’t believe that it’s possible to master anything in just 3 days no matter how hard you work at it.

We find that more than just learning to attract women, most of our clients have quite a bit of self-development work to get through. They have to work on their relationship to themselves as men, their feelings about sexuality and sexual shame, and their sense of self-value just to name a few. Working through a lot of this ‘baggage’ all men walk around with simply takes months, and not days.

By working with men multiple times every week over 3 months, we provide men the time to have many moments of great personal insight over the entire program.

3 days is also not enough time to change your habits. 10 years ago when we offered weekend bootcamps, we found that men would often fall back into old habits after just a few weeks to a month. The reason for this is that its really really hard not to fall back into old behaviour patterns.

But over 3 months we’re able to ensure you get locked into new patterns of behaviour for life. Providing our clients with radical life long changes.

Total Coaching Hours

Social Coach: ~45 Hours Total

With Social Coach, there is a heavier focus on practicing in a controlled classroom environment, with only 16-20 hours dedicated to actual in-field approaches on women.

The remaining 25 hours is spent in a classroom teaching and practicing your attraction skills with their hired female coaches.


School of Attraction: 52 Hours of In-Field + 9 Hours of Skype Councelling + 27 Hours of Video Theory Training

The School of Attraction course offers a full 52 hours of in-field sessions. This means that you’re getting 2-3x as much real-world experience talking to women with your coach and mentor close at hand.

You also receive 9 hours of skype councelling with head coach and founder Damien Diecke – These sessions are a chance to talk through your insecurities and your limiting beliefs – Explore the dates you went on between sessions, and generally field all the questions that arise from week to week between your practical sessions.

On top of that, you receive a theory training program that’s 27 hours in duration – This theory content goes incredibly in-depth into all the aspects of attraction, relationships, masculinity, sexuality, and male psychology.  You have life time access to this content.

Heavy Use Of Female Coaches

Social Coach: YES 

The Social Coach teams involves a number of female coaches who are employed to provide a female insight into the guys attraction skills.

The reason for doing this is that females aught to know better than men how they want guys to behave around them, and so they can provide more accurate feedback to the guys. The women can also help for guys to role-play the skills they’ve just learned.


School of Attraction: NO

School of Attraction has trialed using various female coaches over the years, from female psychologists, to renouned models, but has repeatedly discovered they can’t get as good results from our clients as our seasoned male coaches. Why is this?

Think of the following analogy…

Imagine you are the owner of a brand new Mercedes dealership. You have a fresh sales team who needs to be taught to sell as many Mercedes cars to your clients as possible. In your search for a company to help train your sales team you have the choice of either of 2 different sales training companies.

COMPANY 1: Consists of 5 regular Mercedes car owners. All of these Mercedes drivers have purchased mulitple Mercedes cars over their lifetimes.

COMPANY 2: Consists of 5 seasoned Mercedes sales people. Each sales trainer in this team has sold literally thousands of Mercedes cars over their lives.

Which team of sales trainers do you think is betteer qualified to help you create an elite sales team?

If you answered Team 2, then you and every Mercedes dealership in the world can see why we made the choice not to hire female coaches.

In short, an individual female only knows what SHE PERSONALLY likes. She has theories about what most women want, but she’s never tested her theories on 1000s of women. Our male coaches on the other hand have proven in the real world what works and what doesn’t.

Money Back Guarantee

Social Coach: Yes 120% – School Of Attraction: Yes 100%

Social Coach offers a generous 120% money back guarantee on their course provided you let them know you want your money back within a week of the course finishing.

I have no specific statistics, but I would imagine that almost nobody claims this money back guarantee. Why? Because when you do a weekend of intense practice on your attraction skills you will be hyped up, excited, pumped with self-confidence, and sure you can take on the world.

Unfortunately, these experiences are frequently temporary as we discovered when we ran weekend bootcamps 10 years ago.  The feelings of confidence wear off, and you fall back into old habits and all too easily your life looks not too dissimilar to how it did before you did the program.

School Of Attraction offers 100% money back guarantee at the END of 3 months, and we give you a 1 month grace period to ensure that the effects are permanent. This means that you have a lot of time to discover if we’re having a long lasting impact on your ability to attract women.

Community Support

Social Coach: No – School of Attraction: Yes

One of the most important parts of learning to be more succssful with women is having a fantastic group of guys around you to regularly practice with.

Long after the coaching is over, many men wish to continue practicing their skills. They want other like-minded men to go out and practice with, but unfortunately many men have friends who are all in relationsips or married, and many of the ‘pick up’ guys they know are pretty sleazy.

School of Attraction has the most active online community of guys in Australia. We have past students going out many nights of the week together.

This is a huge addition to the School of Attraction experience because by becoming a student with us, you aren’t just forgotten after 3 days, you become a long term member of our active community.

Mentor Program

Social Coach: No – School Of Attraction: Yes

At School of Attraction, we’re all about community and learning not just from coaches but learning from the most skilled of our past students.

When you sign up for a program with us, we will assign you your very own mentor who is a talented ex-student who will take you under their wing and help you along the journey. He will go out and approach girls with you and also introduce you to our massive community of past students.

Past students all have the opportunity to come and mentor new students which is an increidble self-development experience.

Unlimited Phone Support

Social Coach: No – School Of Attraction: Yes

Throughout the entire 3 month program, students can call up any of the coaches and receive unlimited 1:1 coaching support. Whether you have dates that have failed, or don’t know what to write back to that tricky sms message, we’re here 24/7 to answer all your questions.


Lifetime Email Support

Social Coach: No – School Of Attraction: Yes

Once you become a client with us, we want you to never have to be without support again. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering a free life time email support to all of our past clients.

This means any time you struggle with wome in the years after the program, you can email us and get all the support you need to continue your attraction education.



Social Coach: $5995 + GST

School Of Attraction: $4495 + GST

Who We Are

School of Attraction is a dating education company with one motto: "Leave No Single Man Behind". We provide free and paid courses for men to achieve success with women.

Started by Damien Diecke in 2008, SOA has gone on to become Australia's largest dating coaching company, now setting it's sights worldwide.

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