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Mystery Method is a form of seducing women which was popularized in a hugely successful book called ‘The Game’ written about the author’s (Neil Strauss) time spent under the tutelage of it’s founder, a magician by the name of Erik von Markovik.

Over the last 10 years, companies have popped up around the world coaching similar attraction strategies as those employed by Mystery Method, although in slightly altered forms. When I speak about Mystery Method in this post, I talk collectively about the majority of off-shoot companies which have a similar form of coaching to that which Neil Strauss was subjected in his book.

Mystery Method is based largely on the observations and personal experience of Erik. The basic underpinning philosophy behind Mystery Method is to put together collections of pickup lines and pre-prepared stories (gambits) and string them together (stack) and use this stack when approaching a woman hence removing the need to think too much about what to say. The coaching also assumes that men should be completely indirect with women. For example, ignoring the woman they most like, approaching a woman with a fake story designed to peak her interest, and fabricating a host of stories designed to win her interest and hopefully her attraction.

Another aspect to Mystery Method is a term called ‘Negging’ which stands for ‘Negative Compliment’. The idea is to say something to a really hot woman that sounds at first like a compliment, but is really a bit insulting, or makes her feel self-concious so that she will be brought back down to a lower level of confidence so she will consider the man who is negging her as a potential suitor. An example of a neg is “I really love your dress… I’ve seen it on about 4 women tonight”.

Finally, Mystery Method students are expected to follow the rules of pickup explicitly, so that all students pick up women in exactly the same way. Exactly how it’s founder picks up women. A typical Mystery Method bootcamp lasts one weekend and includes both theory and practical components. Then the students are left on their own.


School of Attraction was started in 2008, by a Professional Adult Trainer and Life Coach named Damien Diecke. It was developed after Damien realized that the bulk of common ‘Pick Up Artist’ techniques flew completely in the face of what psychology researches and respected life coaches had been researching over decades and implementing in their own training. The basic philosophy behind the School of Attraction is that attracting women is a very natural process that we are all genetically predisposed to go through, and no man should need to fabricate special tricks, techniques or pick up lines to attract women.

What Damien does with students at the School of Attraction is give them a large set of tools designed to help students learn to coach themselves through the challenges they encounter with women. He then takes them out and observes them approaching and gives them quality feedback. He provides them with an exclusive community of men to go out and practice with who will motivate and support each other for as long as the student wishes. Each student will find his own unique way of attracting women which best suits his own personality.

It’s integral to School of Attraction students that they are completely honest with women at all times. Not so much because Damien is concerned with moral debate, but because he knows that women can tell when a man is deceitful and won’t trust him. Damien also knows that lying to get what you want is a sure fire way to degrade a man’s self-esteem.

The School of Attraction program lasts 13 weeks and involves 21 sessions including theory and practical sessions. The reason the program is so intensive is so that students are gradually guided into a pattern of behavior. This behavior pattern is one in which the man rarely if ever avoids approaching a woman he finds attractive, it is a pattern in which every man regularly assesses himself, and has access to 100s of men just like himself who are both currently taking the course and finished.

At the end of the course, every student still has a lifetime email line to Damien and the other coaches. He also still has access to a School of Attraction members only community forum, which means that as long as a student wants to keep working on his attraction skills, there is a dedicated team ready to help him at any time in the future.

Damien believes that this is the direction the attraction community will need to move if they want to be taken seriously. “No more playing games with women’s emotions, or pretending to be something we’re not. It’s time for men to grow up and become… MEN!”

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About Damien Diecke

I've been a dating coach for 8 years

I’m the founder of Australia’s largest dating coaching company School of Attraction, The Author of Amazon best seller Sincere Seduction, and I’ve featured frequently on all of Australia’s major TV and RADIO stations.

7 Body Language Hacks Science Proves Make You More Attractive To Women

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