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How It

How it works


All material based on peer reviewed scientific research and psychological principles


Don’t change who you are, use honesty and integrity to build attraction


Long term training solutions with 100% guaranteed long term results

The Problem With The Existing Pickup Industry

For over a decade the pickup artist industry was trying to to help men attract, talk to and date women.

The problem was that most methods taught men to lie, cheat and manipulate women to get what they wanted. We had a problem with that.

Making women feel bad isn’t just morally bad, but it’s a very emotionally unhealthy way for men to go through life.

So we did some digging and here’s what we found.

Research demonstrates manipulation leads to long term resentment making relationships unsustainable

Women know a man is lying with 94% accuracy, only women often let men get away with it

A Recent poll showed the #1 reason women reject men is Fakeness or Untrustworthiness

Studies show that when you hurt others, it is massively damaging to your self esteem

So off we went in search of a better solution…

We looked at redesigning the whole concept of dating & attraction. We realised that more than just date lots of girls, men really wanted to be able to find that one amazing woman to settle down with. We wanted men to be happy. We wanted men to be the best version of themselves and they wanted to ultimately find the right girl for them. We realised that if men learned to attract women in a confident yet sincere way, then both men AND women would be happier and the world would be a better place.

How We Fixed It

We looked in the best place possible – the science books. We looked at:


The elements of self confidence


What are the habits of successful people


Mastery – what it takes to succeed


The art of conversation & building rapport


The psychology of body language

We took that and tailored a way to make it happen where we were allowed to be ourselves – without pick up lines, routines and lies.

The results, they began to flood in

Once we realised we were on to something, everyone noticed. Men walked differently. Men talked differently. Men treated the women and each other with respect. And best of all, they were dating a much better quality woman than they ever imagined, because they were no longer ‘preying’ on women with low self esteems as had been so common in the pickup industry.

School of Attraction was born

In 2008, we started out by giving out free coaching. Soon we realised we could make a huge impact in men’s lives,and give them a life-changing experience. Best of all, the changes would be permanent.

Over time the community grew into hundreds of “Sincere Seductionists” – men who date with honesty and integrity.


Over 60 hours of coaching for long-term success. Most intensive program in the world


Be part of Sydney’s biggest and most active dating community


Sleep at night knowing we use proper self development techniques backed by science. No Bulls%#t



Long term 24 hour support through forum, email and phone.


Go out on any night and have your choice of wingman to go out with. Anywhere, Anytime.


Receive ongoing feedback from coaches and students. refine your success.

The Honour Code We Live By


A great man doesn’t lie to, manipulate, or deceive women


A great man makes sure he has fun wherever he goes


A great man doesn’t create false excuses to talk to a woman


A great man is never afraid to tell a woman what he wants, he never gives mixed messages


A great man is never afraid to tell a woman what he wants, he never gives mixed messages


A great man never compromises his own values for a woman


A great man doesn’t need a woman’s approval to be himself


A great man has respect for women and expects women to respect him in return

The Media Loves Us

The Coaches

With years of experience and hard work, each of our coaches know how to generate results


Head Coach/Founder


Making IT Sexy


Busting Through Limiting Beliefs


The Perfect Blend Of NLP And Psychology


Dr. Love

Ryan B

Business Attraction Specialist

Our Students Love Us

This teaching is not only good for meeting high caliber girls, but improving relationships with male and female friends and work colleagues. Everyone should do a course

Shayne – 23 – Construction

Life will never be the same. I have received more joy during this course than I have in my whole life!

Andre – 25 – Accountant

To sum up the last four weeks in one word, emancipating!

Frank – 32 – Account Manager

Not only with women, but the work we have done has opened my eyes about how I can better myself in other areas of my life from work, to lifestyle and dealing more confidently with all the people I meet. I even feel like my relationship with my family has improved and I’m starting to surround myself with better quality friends.

John – 24 – Financial Analyst

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Very Interesting. I think that you’re doing a great job. I was slightly apprehensive [about the interview] but I have to say I like the ethos that you’re coaching to these blokes.



The industry is maturing. [Diecke] teaches guys to be a confident, suave version of themselves, not to be sleazy. When you meet the guys doing it you see they’re just trying to become better human beings. By 11pm at the Ivy, his students certainly feel like better human beings. They’re confident, chatty and vulpine without having a drop of drink.

Sydney Morning Herald

Damien Diecke, the love doctor.

2Day FM


Men are calling in professional help and paying for tips on how to pick up. Damien…helps blokes work up the courage to talk to potential partners by taking them out to clubs and pubs for practical lessons.

The Daily Telegraph


Impossible promises made by gurus such as Diecke might just be true.



My tuition from Damien has given me newfound confidence. I’m now making a more conscious effort to go out and meet new people. I’m also more aware of what I want.