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Today I’m going to show you 3 super easy first texts you can send a girl that all but guarantee she’ll reply.

Now I bet you didn’t know that I have a superpower. I can tell you what you last wrote as a first text to a girl.

Are you ready for it?

“Hey, it’s Damien from last night, it was great to meet you, let’s catch up soon”

Now I’m willing to bet that was pretty darn close. I know this because it’s literally the kind of message 99% of guys send as a first text.

Now, Don’t be ashamed, I used to send the exact same message over and over again, and then I’d get crazy frustrated that women wouldn’t message me back.

I mean who the heck takes a guys number, then doesn’t even bother responding? It’s just plain rude and I can still get so worked up about it when I think about it and AHHH!

Okay, calm down Damien, let’s get back on track..

The truth is, that message all men send is boring as sin, no wonder she doesn’t want to reply. I feel bored just saying it!

I quickly learned that if you just take the time to write a more compelling first message, you can get almost all women responding to you, even the ones that aren’t sure yet if they really want to see you again.

So, here are 3 Killer strategies to create better first messages

Strategy 1: Tease her about something you know about her

Let’s say I met a girl one night who knocked over my beer while we were talking because she was a bit tipsy.

I could SMS her the next day with something like – “Hey Jules, I just saw a 5 year old trip over her shoelaces and it totally reminded me of you! I bet you’re even worse when you’re hungover :P”

Playfully teasing is my favorite way to get a girl to respond. It’s personal, and it’s playful. Which are two key elements that every first text should have.

But if you aren’t much for words, then strategy 2 works just as well..

Strategy 2: is to Send her a funny meme pic that relates to a conversation you had with her.

This is really easy, all I do is think about what facts I know about her, and what we talked about in our conversation, then hop onto google and type in. “Keyword” followed by the word “meme”.

So if I met a girl who is a lawyer I might send her this image and say “Hey, I found your newest advertising slogan!”

But for those of you who refuse to be creative in any way at all, and really want something canned that you could send every time. Then allow me to introduce you to Strategy 3.

Strategy 3: Introduce girls to Pugsly, the puppy no woman can say no to:

It’s a picture of a pug, with the message “This is Pugsly. Pugsly thinks you should meet me for coffee on thursday after work :P”

This message has a really high response rate and best of all, you can just copy and paste it without any thinking required.

So there are 3 super easy first messages you can send that guarantee she’ll message you back.

One FYI I’d like to add in here is that if women are regularly not responding to your boring texts, it’s because they aren’t that into you.

If a woman really liked you, it wouldn’t matter if your first text was boring.

But the great news is that if you can re-enegage her with a great first text, then you still have a chance of making a great second impression.

Do you have any favorite first texts that improve your response rate?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below, I’m always eager to expand the repertoire and give new messages a try.

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