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I think every man I know has been there before – You meet a girl at a party, in a bar, she’s a friend of a friend, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your mates.. But she’s just so cute, you don’t want to just be friends with her, you want do take her out on a date, but how do you know if she sees you the same way?

Sadly, while it’s unlikely she’ll fall on her knees and profess her undying love for you, there fortunately are 5 sure-fire signs that you should be trying to spot which nobody has told you about before.

#1: Watch Her Eyes

In normal conversation a girl will regularly break eye contact with you, but did you know that when she breaks eye contact, and in what direction she looks determines how interested she is?

In normal conversation, when we are talking our eyes tend to dart around a lot as we try to access the words and memories we are expressing so our eye contact is quite weak. However when we are listening to a person, our eye contact gets much stronger. If she has really strong eye contact when you are talking to her that’s a great sign. However, if she looks away a lot, not all is lost because it depends on where she’s looking. If you are talking to a woman who really likes you but is a bit shy, then she will regularly look away in a downward direction. If she looks away from you at horizon level, then she’s indicating a lack of attraction.

#2: The Head Tilt

One of my favorite queues that a woman likes me, is seeing her head tilt slightly while she’s listening to me talking. Women’s heads tilt whenever they are observing something they like or appreciate like babies, sunsets, or charming guys. It also has the bonus of being one of the few things that women do in every culture ever observed so it’s a very reliable sign.

#3: She Laughs Easily At The Things You Say

Laughing and giggling are a very subconscious way that women use to flirt with men, when women like a guy, they will very easily laugh at the things he says and make him feel like he is a really funny guy. When women don’t like a guy, they purposely suppress their laughter so as not to give the wrong impression.


Who does she look at when she laughs?: If you are in a group with her, and someone else says something funny, does she look at you first when she laughs? When women like a guy, they are hoping to bond with him, when laughter erupts she wants to see if she can bond with him over humor. This is a REALLY strong attraction signal.

#4: She Invests In The Conversation

If a woman is investing in her conversation with you by doing a lot of talking, this is a mild positive indicator that she likes you. HOWEVER if she invests in you by sharing private information with you, that is a much stronger signal of attraction. Why? Because we only share personal information with people we trust AND who we want to build rapport with.


If she shares personal information about her romantic relationship by complaining about her boyfriend, that’s a very strong signal she likes you. Women have an unspoken rule not to complain about boyfriends to potential new mates. Of course this rule breaks down if you have already pushed yourself into the ‘friend zone’.

#5: Watch Her Body

There are three primary parts to this

a) Is her body facing towards you, or away from you, our torso faces the direction our attention is at. IF her body is faced away from you it could be an indicator she wants to get away.

b) Is she leaning towards you or away from you? IF women like a guy, they sub-consciously lean towards him in an attempt to get closer.

c) Will she face her back to her friends? This is a great trick, try standing so she’d have to put her back to her friends. If she’ll do this in order to keep facing you, it’s a very strong signal.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned to look out for how often she’s touching you. I find measuring physical contact to be a bit of a trap. Some women just touch men a lot because they love getting men’s attention, but it doesn’t mean they’re interested. Likewise, many women purposely refrain from touching a guy they like because they’re scared of making a fool of themselves. I find physical contact a highly unreliable way to measure attraction.

One HUGE mistake many guys make when trying to read a woman’s body language is they refuse to let on that they like a woman, and try to work out if she likes him first. This is a rookie mistake!

All the above signs are WEAKEST if she has no idea you like her, and STRONGEST if it has been made clear that you’re interested.

You can achieve this by simply picking something about her, and saying “That’s something I really like in a woman’. Once you’ve done this in conversation, you will instantly be able to read the above 5 signs with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

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