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Hey guys, I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first video you’ve ever watched about body language.

In fact, I’m willing to bet you already know quite a bit about it.

So then why do you have the experience that I have had so many times in my past, where you actually try to use what you’ve learned about body language and still nothing seems to be obvious?

I mean, you see a woman and it looks like she’s doing some body language that suggests she likes you, AND at the same time, you see some body’s language that suggests she doesn’t!

Why is it never as easy as the books suggest to read a person’s body language with any kind of accuracy?

Well, the reason is that there’s actually a whole element to body language that no one ever tells us, and that’s that our body language is controlled by two parts of our brain at any given time.

So when we walk out in the public, we’re doing two things:

1) Our emotions are trying to take control of what our bodies do.

For example, when you walk into a room, you feel insecure and nervous. You feel like hunching over, or you want to take up less space. You feel like avoiding eye contact, and maybe just staring at the floor.

2) Our Logical Brains take over, and we try to force our bodies to show body language of confidence.

so we purposely try to act more confident.

We purposely try to take up more space we, we purposely sit up straight, and we purposely give people strong eye contact.

So every time you’re around a woman, she is ALSO Logically trying to make her body language say one thing, while her emotions are trying to make her body do another.

This makes it quite hard to get an accurate reading.

For example, you may get a woman who loves feeling desired by men.

So When she meets you, her LOGICAL brain is purposely making all kinds of body language to suggest she likes you so that you continue to flirt with her.

She bats her eyelids, she plays with her hair, she crosses her legs in your direction, and leans in when you talk…

Meanwhile, her EMOTIONAL brain is busy being bored of the conversation, and not at all interested in you romantically.

Conversely, you can have women who are really shy and nervous.

When you meet a girl like this, she may in really like you a lot, but she is logically trying to control her body to demonstrate not being too into you because she doesn’t want you to catch on.

While emotionally she just wants to lean over and kiss you right this second!

So what can we do about situations like this?

The answer is actually really simple.

We just have to crank up her emotional dial really far, so that the emotional part of her body language breaks through any logical control she has over it.

Have you ever had the experience of going somewhere, and you’re really nervous.

You’re feeling so nervous that you cannot hide it anymore.

You know that your nervousness is being clearly expressed by your body and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

That’s the effect you need to create in order to clearly read a girls’ body language.

Sow I don’t mean that you have to make them feel nervous and insecure.

I mean, you have to make them FEEL anything strongly.

Whenever we feel strongly, our ability to control our body language diminishes and our body language gets controlled by our emotions.

So the way to a woman’s body to tell you what she’s REALLY feeling is to do or say something that’s going to make her FEEL.

You could say to her “You know what? I just got to stop you talking for a moment. You know you are absolutely gorgeous when you smile!”

Now in this moment, she’s likely to start feeling STRONGLY.

Either strongly excited that you’re interested in her, OR strongly uncomfortable because she doesn’t like you that way.

So the trick is to watch what her body language is doing right after you make that comment, because she won’t be able to logically override the expression of her true feelings.

But you have to be quick, because this effect is likely to only last for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Alternatively, instead of saying something I could do something with my body to ramp up the emotion.

I could go to show her something in my phone, and get really far into her personal space, touching her with your body as you share the small phone screen with her.

Again, her body is going to give you oodles of highly honest emotional information in the next 30 seconds.

So that’s how we can become really amazing at reading people.

Ask them questions or put them in situations that amplify the emotion you’re trying to read.

In that moment, all of those body language cues you’ve read about will be clear be read by anyone that knows how.

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