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Are you Feeling lonely, but too shy to walk up to a girl in a bar on your own?

Or perhaps you are fed up with the superficial world of Tinder where nobody seems to want to reply or match with you unless you are a Ryan Gosling doppleganger?

Fortunately there are some way easier ways to meet women in 2018 – In fact, some of these are outright gold-mines that nobody takes advantage of yet.

Here are the 5 EASIEST ways to meet women in your city RIGHT NOW.


5 – Start Attending Events At Your local Art Galleries And Museums.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not encouraging you to snuggle up with some blue rinse octogenarian hotties…

Over the last decade, art galleries and museums have become popular places for intelligent women to visit and bceome active members. In a recent bid to boost popularity with the younger generations, they have begun hosting fun themed parties throughout the year.

For example, the Sydney Art Gallery hosts a dress up party for Halloween every year, and the Natural History museum sells alcohol and has live performances and music multiple nights through the summer months.

These events are female dominated!

Why? Because the majority of their memberships are females, and unlike your local bars and clubs, you don’t have sleazy ‘BROS’ out on the prowl putting all the women off the male species entirely.

So the women will often start conversations with YOU! Instead of just waiting for guys to make the first move because they’re in an environment they feel much safer in.

Simply register your name and email with all of the galleries and museums in your city and you’ll be notified of these events as the come up.


4 – Trivia Night

This is an old but gold trick of mine that I used successfully for years, and as yet I haven’t met anyone else who has thought of it.

If you’re ever bored on a weekday night, grab a mate and head to a Trivia night – There are trivia nights almost every night of the week in bars scattered across most cities.

Get to the event early and have a drink with your mate. You’ll notice lots of tables start to fill up. Some with groups of guy friends, some with women and men together, but you’ll also see many tables full of just women.

Just before the trivia starts, go up to a table of women and ask them if they mind if you join them for the trivia. They will ALWAYS say yes. I’ve used this strategy 100s of times over the years and have not been rejected once.

You now have a whole group of tipsy women to flirt with for the evening!


3 – Learn A New Language

It’s no secret that women love guys who can speak different languages – They also don’t like guys who sit at home and live boring lives, never doing anything interesting with their spare time.

What IS a secret however is that language courses are overwhelmingly dominated by women! Especially the unholy trinity of female dominated languages – French, Italian, and Spanish, with Japanese taking a close 4th place.

If you sign up for a 6 week course to learn a new language you’ll be in a class full of women one or more nights per week. What’s even better is that it’s common for the class members to head out together after class for drinks, so there’s a very strong social component as well.


2 – Start Attending Dance Classes

One of the biggest lies ever told is that ‘real men don’t dance’ – Tell any attractive woman that you regularly go out dancing Salsa, or Swing or Ceroc and watch her get excited!

Most cities have a very healthy social dancing scene with classes available most nights of the week. These dance classes are often female dominated as too many guys are shy of attending, and the women are overwhelmingly Single.

This makes any single guys, a rare and prized resource.

Dance classes are also fantastic for any guys who are very shy around women because you will quickly learn to become a lot more comfortable physically touching women and regularly being inside their personal space.


1 – Join A Local Dating Community

If you’re lucky enough to live in Sydney, then there’s a secret you need to hear about – It’s our Secret Men’s Business Dating Community

Designed for guys who have read or watched our material to get together and support each other talking to women and working on their attraction skills

With a group of supportive friends around you who are all striving to be more successful with women, it’s the perfect environment to find new friends and have fun nights out

To receive an invitation, simply download a copy of our award winning audio book ‘Sincere Seduction’, and you’ll receive your personal invite to our Attraction Community here in Sydney

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