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Introducing Approachathon Bootcamp…

Over the years, we’ve had many many students ask if we offer a weekend approachathon as opposed to a full-on 12 week course.

And our response has always been an adamant No…

Because our goal was to create long-term dating success for all our students and we weren’t willing to compromise on that.

After all, science says that it takes 66 days to embed a new habit and who are we to argue with that…

But recently we’ve realised that by doing this, we’ve left out those guys who simply don’t have time or those that cannot afford to throw down 5K just yet.

Which gave us a bit of a dilemma…

Which value do we focus on?

Do we focus on our motto which is ‘Leave No Single Man Behind’ or do we focus on embedding long-term habits?

It was tricky because we’re all about integrity and would hate to come across hypocritical regardless of our outcome.

So to try to figure this out, we came back to the one core question, ‘What is going to help our students the most?’

And in doing so, we realised something important – because all of our training can be done online, we can facilitate long term habits even if we cannot be there to coach in person.

So we can do weekend bootcamps to create change and allow those students access to our full course training online to keep learning and embedding new habits.

And that’s exactly what we’re trialling.

If you don’t have time for the full 12 week course, cannot afford the full course yet or you want a good idea of the kind of success you can get with women – then this approachathon bootcamp is for you.

A lot of my students initially cannot imagine themselves ever getting the kind of girls they dream about so it’s a big ask to trust that our courses will help them – we get that – so with this bootcamp, you can get a taste of what’s possible without committing the time and money over 3 months.

And because this is something new we’re developing, you can be sure you’ll get personalised attention to make sure the experience is amazing for you.

So how does it work?

The course is over 3 days in Sydney CBD – Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night and Sunday day. You will approach in busy areas in the day and nightclubs at night for 4 hours each session.

The premise is simple.

You’ll do some warmup exercises to get you in the mood to be social and having fun.
Then you’ll be approaching with three other guys with a coach who will hold your hand the whole way.
Your coach will approach women, involve you into conversation and he’ll give you practical advice to work on

You set the goals you want from the weekend and your coach will help you hit those goals.

Doesn’t matter if you goals are to:

  • Be more social
  • Have more fun
  • To get phone numbers
  • To get instant dates
  • To go home with a girl

Whatever it is, we’ll help you get to your goal.

And more than that, we’ll give you access to the Sincere Seduction Online course as soon as you sign up so you can start working on this in your own time and come to the approachathon prepared for success.

Our goal is to give you a taste of what you’re capable of and tools to continue approaching and dating women wherever we do.

As you should know by now, our focus is on ‘sincere seduction’ – bringing your own personality out in the best light possible, no pretending or manipulating women.

So no, you won’t be looking sleezy or like a predator if you’re following your coach’s advice – you’ll just be looking like you’re all being social and having fun.

So what’s the cost?

$1500 for the full weekend upfront.

You’ll be getting 16 hours of hands-on coaching with a senior coach as well as full access to the Sincere Seduction Online course.

That’s less than $100 an hour with the Sincere Seduction Online as a bonus add-on.

No brainer right?

The price will go up as this is just the introductory rate whilst we sort out the kinks.

And it’s only available for the first 3 people to sign up.

As usual, we need to screen candidates so that we don’t accept guys we cannot help.

So respond to this email with your details and we’ll give you a call for an interview.

The next intake begins Feb 1st and if you want to be fully prepared, apply now to give yourself more time to do the sincere seduction online course.

I’m super excited about this, let’s do it!


Complete this Form to Apply for Approachathon Weekend


Complete this Form to Apply for Approachathon Weekend