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Smash Your Fear Of Approaching Women

SAT DEC 8 @ 8pm








Most Single Guys Struggle To Approach Women They Don’t Know

And desperately wish they could:

SEE a woman they like anywhere (even a girl so beautiful it hurts)

APPROACH her with a big smile on their face, AND

WALK AWAY with a bigger smile on their face

But they just can’t do it


Here’s some of the main fears:

Limiting Belief #1: They’re afraid of annoying them. 

Limiting Belief#2: They’re afraid of looking like a creep.

Limiting Belief#3: They’re afraid of getting rejected.

Limiting Belief #4: They’re afraid of not having much interesting to say.

Limiting Belief #5: They’re afraid of asking for a number or a date.

So We’re Running A Community Approachathon So That Guys Can Practice Approaching & Smash Their Fears In A Supportive Environment

Here’s some of the benefits of attending this event:

Approach 10 Women In A Night Club

Commit to trying to approach 10 women. Don’t worry – no one will be there to push you or challenge you to approach before you’re ready. The goal is to get motivation from a bunch of guys that will be doing the same thing, get feedback from one another and generally be around people that are trying to accomplish the same things you are.

Meet A Bunch Of Like-Minded Guys To Go Out With

Don’t have supportive friends to go out and approach strangers with? Then it’s time to make new friends and what better way to find friends than guys who are working on the same goals you are.

Get Mentors To Vouch For You As A Good Candidate For The SOA Community

If you’re interested in being part of the SOA community and complete the 12 week course, you’ll need someone in the community to vouch for you because we don’t allow just anyone to do the course with us. We need to make sure you’ll fit in, that we can actually help you and that you’ll get everything you need out of the course (as much as possible). These sessions will allow you to see what’s possible, to get a taste of our internal community and become part of the society of men that go for what they want.

The Best Way To Surround Yourself With Guys That Will Support & Push You To Become Better

(If you’re not already part of the School of Attraction alumni that is)

DATE: Saturday 13 Oct 2018

AGE-GROUPS: 7 guys in a group split by age

PRICE: $29

TIME: 8PM – 12AM (4 hours)

LOCATION: Sydney CBD Night Club (exact location TBC after registration)

DRESS CODE: smart casual, formal shoes

*only 7 spots available per group

SAT DEC 8 @ 8pm









Here’s some frequently asked questions we answer all the time

Q. Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

No refunds are available for this event as we have limited spots available.

Q. What if I can't get into the night club?

We start early enough that there should be no problems getting into the club. However we take no responsibility if you’re not dressed appropriately, appear intoxicated or any other unforseen reasons.

Q. Can I get drunk during the sessions?

We normally don’t allow any drinking in any of our sessions because we don’t want anyone using alcohol as a crutch to give them fake confidence. However we understand as a beginner you may need it so we allow occasional drinking if necessary. We take no responsibility if you are kicked out for drinking, aggressive behaviour.

Q. Am I getting coached in the night?

No. There is no one there who is qualified to coach however if you want coaching, you can ask a mentor to verify you for the 12 week program upon registration.

What Happens After You Get Tickets?

STEP 1: You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details attached, including direct phone numbers of the organisers just in case you get lost.

STEP 2:  Show up! Everything else will be handled once you arrive. We’re ready to get this party started!

*limited spots available