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4 Reasons To Do The Course With A Friend

1. Our students that do a course with a friend tend to keep their momentum going long after the course is complete.

“You Are The Average Of The Top 5 People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Well I’d like to make friends that I can go out with, that’s one of the reasons I’m doing the course’, – and your thinking would be right up to a point.

In this course you’ll meet guys that are going out and improving themselves like you so the average of your environment is bound to improve.

But let’s say that you make some good friends but after the course people just live a bit too far away or get into relationships.

And suppose you’re still not ready for a relationship, what then? All the improvement you’ll have made during the course will slowly start to deteriorate.

But suppose that your brought a friend with you to do the course together, and BAM! – you’ve improved the average of your environment for the long term as you’ll both support each other whatever happens as you’ve done until now.

It’s the best way to get the most out of the course.

2. Our students that come with an abundance mentality instead of scarcity mentality tend to find success quickly

Some of our potential students worry that their friend will do better than them or their whole motivation is to be able to impress their friends.

I mean who are we to judge your motivations for the doing the course, the only thing is that we’ve noticed that guys who feel like there’s enough women out there for everyone and actively try to support other men to get girls either by being a great wingman or genuinely helping other men tend to be the type of guys that get respect from other guys as well as the ladies.

I know that some guys cannot imagine women being easily available but by coming from a place of sharing instead of owning, you’re far more likely to get the kind of success you deserve.

3. Doing it with a friend is a lot more fun

Having a supportive friend with you as you navigate the course is invaluable.

You’ll both be going through it together, feeling similar feelings and frustrations.

You can spend time talking about it and figuring it out together.

You can give each other perspective and personalised feedback that only someone that knows each other well can do.

4. Save money

Refer a friend to the course and we’ll give them $500 off.

Do the course with a friend and you both receive $500 off, that’s a 20% saving for a little extra effort.


How to refer a friend

Here’s some ways students have introduced their friends to the course


1. My mate mentioned he was frustrated with Tinder so I send him the Photo Infographic.Then I wrote him this:“Hey man, how did you go with fixing your photos? The same guy is doing a 12 week course on meeting women and I’m thinking about maybe doing it. You have any interest in doing it with me?”After that, I sent him the deets and turned out he was super keen. Saved us $1000 between us too so was totally worth the quick text – Sam, 34, IT Professional

Download the Tinder Photo Infographic


2. I wanted one of my friends to do it with me but I was nervous. What if he made fun of me? What if he felt like I was telling him something was wrong with him? It was too much for me to do on my own so I gave Damien his information and some identifying information about him so he didn’t feel like he was getting spammed. Once he was confirmed to do the course, I finally came out and told him it was me and we did the course together. Seems silly now but goes to show how much I was lacking in confidence back then… – Spencer, 25, Medical Student

Ask Damien to contact your friend for you


3. I had been watching Damien’s videos for a while and shared the one about how Tinder was ruining dating. It sparked a lot of conversation amongst my friends and we were sharing frustrations. Then I found out he offered a course to meet women out and about. I forwarded it to them because I didn’t know something like this existed. I contacted Damien and found out later that two of my friends did too! – Jai, 29, Plumber

I tell all students to think of this as your first exercise in putting yourself out there, showing a bit of vulnerability and dealing with your shame.

You have everything to gain from this exercise – more money, better friendships and self confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you fail, all that matters is that you tried.

See you for the course of a lifetime,