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The Man You Need To Be

Introducing…. MANIVERSITY

We’ve been doing dating courses for men for over 10 years and in this time, we’ve realised that our students have a very important realisation early on into our courses…

And that is…


“I came here to meet women but there’s a lot about myself I need to fix before I can meet the right women”.

Whereas before, our students thought their biggest problem was simply access to women, they soon realise that only once they work on their own issues do women suddenly become easily accessible.

And previously, we’ve attempted to work on internal issues through the medium of women & dating through our flagship 12 week dating course, we’ve now come to understand that this limits personal development as guys still feel the need to impress ladies.

So we’ve turned the whole course upside down with Maniversity – Instead of focussing on women, we’re going to look inwards and focus on ourselves and develop as men.


By the end of the 12 weeks program, students will:

 Feel comfortable in their own skin

 Come out knowing what they want

 Attempt to deal with their internal conflicts 

 And therefore attract women wherever they go

Over the years, our belief that women are bullshit detectors have only strengthened.

I see all the time that when a guy really deals with his own issues, women approach HIM, they try to get HIS attention and dating suddenly becomes super easy for him.

This is now what we want to focus on with Maniversity.

If you’re terrified of approaching women and imagine yourself getting rejected every time, then this course is for you.

Our goal is that you get to a place where you understand your own value so well that we can get to a stage where rejections no longer feel personal.

Yes, rejections will still happen – that’s a part of life, but it will happen less as you’ll know how not to let it get to you.

The reason we’ve been in this business for so long is the massive satisfaction we feel when we see a guy who a few weeks earlier was terrified of women get to a stage where he’s standing taller, making real eye contact, connecting with women easily and generally feeling great about himself.

That’s the kind of impact we got into this business for – and now we’re moving towards focusing on generating those feelings instead of meeting women because that’s what we feel is missing in today’s social climate.

With so much confusion around how men should behave, it’s more important than ever that we need to find our own values and become the kind of men we know we can be.

That’s what we know we should be striving for, and what women are intensely attracted to.

And where previously we’ve thrown our guys in the deep end and motivated them to sink or swim with women – our intention with this course is the complete opposite.

Here we hold your hand, give you a space for your feelings to be heard and understood – and focus on growth at your own pace.

We’re personalising your self development.

How It Works

Maniversity goes for 12 weeks where you will have a mix of in-person coaching, exercises to do at home and group therapy.
Here’s what’s happening every week:
1. You’ll have a two hour coaching session with a facilitator
2. You’ll have course material and exercises to complete on your own
3. You’ll have a group therapy session to work through challenges and goals

And this will continue for 12 weeks until new habits become a part of your everyday life and you feel awesome.

Dates and times will be scheduled based on your availability.



Through our 12 week flagship dating course, many students told us that their self development allowed them the courage to go into business on their own, to ask their boss for a raise and to generally take life by the balls.

With Maniversity, we’re aiming to take that kind of output and put it on steroids.

Whilst it needs to be said that some students will need longer to hit their goals than others, our focus is going to be hitting milestones that will get you to your goals.

Our goal as facilitators is to make the investment easily worth it, whether it’s value is determined in self worth, experiences or financial return is up to you.

With all this value and personalised help, the cost for the course is $1832 per month over 3 months.

We want this course to be amazing so for the first 12 months this course is running, you’ll be getting the best help available to make this course absolutely amazing as we improve the course incrementally.

And on top of that, we’ll do a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot help you become the man you want as always.

And because we don’t want to waste either of our time, there’s an application process to make sure this course is right for you and there are no prior conditions that will prevent us from being able to hit your goals.

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Join us as we all become better men. 
We’re all super excited and ready for this.