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How to get women to like you QUICKLY!

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Thursday June 3rd @ 7:30PM – Sydney

*spots strictly limited

Science says banter is crucial

for success with women, career, and life in general

It’s About Having Fun, And Ensuring Others Have Fun

Author James Geary of Harvard University says that playing with language – elevating mundane communication from mere talk into a creative process – is a form of innovation that sheds new light on old ideas and makes life more fun for you and others.

Employers Need To Know If You Are Pleasant To Be Around Everyday

Studies by the American Psychological Association suggest that people who are likeable get hired more. Sense of humour, empathy and a fun demeanour are considered much more carefully than skills to do the job.

Feel Comfortable
Make People Feel Like
Make People Want To
Spend Time With You

Banter Is Simply The Art Of Having Fun

It’s about getting people interested in getting to know you

Role Reversal
And More…
It is the exercise of:
Taking the story somewhere else
Lateral thinking
Convsersation tagging
Getting the punchlines right
Banter is risky! But we’ll show you how to learn social cues and figure out which jokes are appropriate in different environments.

Practice Flirting With Instagram Models

There’s a lot of electricity in the air when hot ladies are around

Become comfortable around attractive women

What it feels like to have hot women talk to you, laugh at your jokes and find you interesting.

Learn to manage your own bodily reactions

Manage your breathing, pupil dilation, arousal responses, voice modulation – things you can’t control easily.

Receive support from beautiful women as you learn

So you don’t start out with bad experiences that make progress hard.

Exercises You Can Practice Right Away

Use strategies on dating apps, or wherever you go straight away!


And that’s it! In 2 hours, that’s all we can do.

You don’t need to get on stage if it’s too uncomfortable

Though we do encourage it for your own benefit.

The coach will help you every step of the way

Don’t worry if you are a beginner or if you are struggling with an excercise

We want you to be comfortable

We provide the couches and an intimate group of 12 durivng COVID

Every workshop is different and focuses on different skillsets.

Learn From The Best

School of Attraction are Australia’s #1 dating eduction company

School of Attraction (SOA) have pioneered dating coaching from ‘pickup coaching’ into self development and confidence training. Through the use of scientific data, SOA has helped thousands of men step into their power and get the girl.

Founded in 2009, by Damien Diecke and Dee Nand, the company has grown to include dozens of coaches and have been featured in many publications all around the world. SOA’s vision is to help men become self confident enough to not only get the girl but to go out and follow their dreams.

Many of SOA’s clients have gone on to start their own businesses, go after promotions and mend relationships previously thought impossible.

Sincere Seduction has won the Bronze Medal in UK Book Prize.

(Wishing Shelf Awards – Non-Fiction Category 2013)

3 Month flagship course is the hardest dating course in the world.

(And has the most long-lasting positive changes)

Focus is not just on dating but on self-development and inner work.

(Courses on men’s work, being funny, happiness and more)

Meet Your Coach

Head dating coach Denny will be facilitating the exercises in Sydney, Australia. He is the best at banter we have ever seen, even better than SOA’s founder Damien (who is amazing).

He tried his hand at standup comedy for one year when he was young and his ability to teach banter and flirting are unsurpassed.

He has been teaching exclusively at SOA for many years, having started as a beginner student. He understands where students are at unlike anyone else and will motivate you to develop your own unique sense of humour.

Students Love The Workshop

Here’s what they have to say

If you feel you have a unique set of circumstances that will prevent you from getting the results other students have experienced, feel free to call us on 1300 443 429 and discuss them with us. We have coached thousands of students and can guide you in how to work on banter.

I’m in, Let’s Go!

Details for the next event

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Teasing, Banter & Flirting Workshop
Thursday 3rd June 2021
7:30PM – 9:30PM (2 hours)
$55   $35
DARLINGTON NSW (exact address provided upon registration)
Limited street parking is available. Close to Redfern train station
12 students (Remaining spots shown on purchase page)
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